How SwitchboardFREE helped ALL is FLUX® optimise their telecoms processes?

August 24th, 2017

Today we will present you one of our local customers – ALL is FLUX – a Norwich-based creative consultancy that designs and implements brand and communications strategies. Co-founder & Director Aaron Fickling was happy to share his company’s experience with SwitchboardFREE and how our service helps his business stay contactable at all times. Here is what Aaron had to say:

As a company, we’re committed to creating the right infrastructure; not just to propel ourselves forward, but to help and support our clients in meeting their long-term business objectives for marketing. At ALL is FLUX, we understand that communication is one of the most crucial assets in executing an exemplary service, and delivering to deadlines as well as budget. We believe SwitchboardFREE has been a key partner in ensuring our ambitions are met.

Aaron Fickling and Michael Stiff of ALL is FLUX

Aaron Fickling and Michael Stiff of ALL is FLUX

Our business telecom needs and what SwitchboardFREE has done for us

Consistency of service and futureproofing infrastructure has been vital to ALL is FLUX scaling. Where landlord-provided services can suit many businesses, we’re conscious that contractual obligations could be inhibiting, and make it difficult to relocate without frustrating complications.

Implementing a SwitchboardFREE telephone number has been an effective part of our strategy for ALL is FLUX, and most certainly contributed to our positive expansion. It has enabled us to remain lean, mobile and importantly, contactable.

Ensuring a reliable and wide-reaching contact number that belongs to our business gives us a consistent presence wherever we’re based

At ALL is FLUX, we utilise a strategic ‘roadmap’ framework that allows our specialist team to identify and implement a relevant set of brand-centric marketing tactics. We devise and deliver branding and design work that clearly communicates an engaging message and make brilliantly effective video that connects with our client’s audience and drives measurable action and elevates our clients’ influence and authority within their industry.

For the growth and success of our clients’ businesses, it’s therefore important for us to maintain a consistent level of communication with them. SwitchboardFREE has allowed mobile contact, wherever and whenever using the same, trusted local-dial number. This has also been crucial for establishing ourselves as the go-to business in Norwich; a community of SMEs and entrepreneurs that we’ve found to be a loyal, trusting and highly collaborative.

Our future with SwitchboardFREE

We’re proud to surround ourselves with companies such as SwitchboardFREE who share our passion for empowering their clients and adapting to the ever-changing business environment.

A consistently high level of client service is at our core.

SwitchboardFREE has given us the reassurance that our contact details belong to us, wherever our journey flows. This gives us the freedom to serve our clients from multiple offices and different locations, without restriction.

In the future, we’re looking to explore the up and coming features of SwitchboardFREE. For the occasions when we can’t answer a call, we’re keen to trial the Pocket Receptionist service so we really will have all bases covered.

Want to know what Aaron and his colleagues are up to? Follow ALL is FLUX here.


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