Why giving your business local presence matters?

June 16th, 2017

Local pride is widespread among Brits. A recent TSB research revealed that 82% of Britons are proud of their local community. Belief in community strength and spirit seems to be a national characteristic. And local businesses play their part in creating a healthy image of local communities.

People believe in the importance of local development

The traditional local enterprises have been jeopardised by the imposing of chain stores that ostensibly offer everything in one place at lower prices. The changes in the market landscape have elicited an irritated response from those who are staunch supporters of giving priority to local development. The new and featureless shopping malls are often looked at with contempt, and the motivation to preserve the significance of local services has strengthened.

When we take this picture into consideration, we cannot help advocating the importance of attaching local presence to your business. People’s traditionally strong engagement with their local community, coupled with the increased desire to resist aloof services, mounts a strong argument for making sure that your venture is presented well locally.

Geographic numbers represent businesses locally

One step towards building a favourable local reputation is to obtain a virtual phone number starting with a prefixed area code. Local numbers are the most well-known among citizens and one can unerringly recognise where the owner of this number is based. The customers are more relaxed when they see the familiar first digits either when receiving a call, or looking to make one in search for a specific service. People tend to trust providers who appear local and businesses should embrace this behaviour, especially if their strategy is centred around acquiring local following.

Choosing the right number is a paramount task for any business for another reason. This number will be advertised on all the promotional materials you distribute to acquire clients. This being said, you have to assess carefully what impression you want to leave with your potential customers and what markets you are targeting.

Killing two birds with one stone

Local landline numbers are good for traders who want to open up new business opportunities in different areas from the one they are located. It is perfectly fine for a business whose central office is based in, say, Coventry, to grab a Birmingham number type (01212). Making a move of this kind doubles the positive effect on the business. It expands the possibilities of getting new clients by securing a big city number and ensures that the enterprise has a positive image in the local communities.

Virtual geographical expansion comes easily with a local landline number. It makes your business look as if at the heart of a community and bolsters the link between your company and the clients.

SwitchboardFREE’s local number types are among the most sought-after from our customers.

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