Discover new opportunities with our Multi-Number packages

August 8th, 2017

Buy more numbers, pay less

SwitchboardFREE is happy to announce the activation of a new “Multi-Number” package. Our customers can now purchase multiple numbers for their businesses and share between them the minute allowances our packages offer.  For example, you can use 5 different numbers, including a total of 1200 redirect minutes. Simply put, you pay a lower monthly fee for each number and the inclusive minutes if you buy a “multi-number” package, than if you get 5 separate numbers, each with 1200 minutes. Please note that we can always work according to your specific requirements and devise a plan just for you.

Who will benefit from the Multi-Number packages?

You can opt to buy 5, 10 or 20 numbers, depending on your business needs. This makes the “Multi-Number” service ideal for franchises and businesses that want to target specific geographic locations.

SwitchboardFREE is trusted by customers with various business purposes. We found that introducing multiple number packages will help those clients that run a franchise who tend to buy numbers on behalf of their company. Supplying everyone on your team with virtual numbers gives you an extra guarantee that whoever receives a call they cannot answer, it will be redirected to someone who will be able to deal with it.

Buying multiple numbers could be a wise move for business practitioners who run their enterprise in different locations. They can set up several numbers with different prefixed codes for every town or city they have an office in.

Similarly, you can run your business from one location but may want to expand to different areas, too. Getting a geographic number with the code of your chosen place will make you look local to your potential customers that will increase your chances of gaining their trust.

Track your marketing campaigns

You can allocate each number on your package to a different piece of advertisement you are using to promote your business. Track every number to find out which marketing techniques work best for you – is it the leaflets, the posters, the radio, or the Internet ads you have created? Obtaining this information will let you make informed decisions about your future campaigns.

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