Let SwitchboardFREE be the voice of your business

October 24th, 2017

I can’t be the only one who has eyerolled at an extensive list of department options, seeing my life slowly ebb away as I try to decipher between the options I am given and the actual option I need.

Let’s face it, the option you really need is rarely there!

I am pleased to say that by recording custom prompts, you don’t need to put your customers through this ordeal anymore.

You can give them only the options they need which are completely relevant to your business and the queries your customers might have.

Why not inform your callers of your great track record for customer service, what you do or where you are based?

Keep it short, relevant and customer-friendly 


By completely custom recording messages your customers will know about your company before speaking with you.

Instead of the usual ‘our office is closed’ message, why not let your customers know when you will be open, or how they can contact you in an emergency?

Pop in your business hours or even an email address to reach you on so they have other means of contacting you if they wish.

Now I know what you are thinking

Sounds great, but the idea of having to listen to your own voice to check if the recording has gone well, is not for you!

It’s like cringing when someone has a recording of you belting out Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I will survive’ on the work’s night out.

SwitchboardFREE has you covered

Fear not, our in-house recording team can record these prompts for you.

Let me introduce our team

Myself, Chloé: The woman of many voices and maybe the woman of many faces, too (the difference between first thing in the morning and a night out is astonishing). Oh, and of course, the woman behind this blog. I have a soft dialect with a reassuring and calm voice in my recordings.

Zoe: The second female voice we have available. Her voice is confident, chatty and cheerful.

James: Our male voice for our in-house team, with a recognisable, friendly and sincere voice.

“So, how do I get one of these recordings?”, I hear you ask

Simply get in touch with our team to find out more about the feature. Call us on 0203 189 1213 or email us on support@switchboard-support.co.uk to request sample voice recordings of our team members. We’re available from 8am until 6pm.