How to add a phone number to your Google ad?

August 8th, 2017


Is your AdWords account costing you a fortune and not generating enough revenue? This simple change can drive more phone calls to your business and as our research shows, a phone call is more likely to convert than a click.

Adding your phone number to your Google ads is an astute marketing move to generate more traffic to your business. Including the phone number can increase click-through rates (CTR) by 4-5%. A call extension displays your number to the users who have come across your ad and enables them to tap or click a button to call your business directly. Call extensions ensure your better interaction with the audience and improves their customer experience.

In this guide, we will present the process of adding a call extension to your Google ads step-by-step.

1)Sign in to your Google AdWords account and click the “Ad extensions” tab


2)Click the “View” dropdown menu and select “Call extensions” 

step 2

3)Click the red “+Extension” button 

step 3

4)Click the “+ New phone number” button if you want to add a new number 

step 4

5)Choose the country your business is based and type your number

step 5

6)Select whether you want both your website and the phone number being displayed in the ad or the group of ads you are adding your number to * 

step 6

7)Check the “Mobile” box for Google to prioritise your mobile-optimised text ads to which you have added call extension when mobile search is performed

step 7

8)Click the “Advanced” options to set specific dates and times your phone number will appear (e.g. your opening times)

step 8

9)Click “Save”

*Tip: If your business aims to generate more customers via the phone, you can select the “Just phone number” option. Those interested in your business will then have to directly get in touch.

Please note that you can add extensions to entire campaigns, to ad groups or to individual ads.

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