‘Ultra-Local’ companies have an edge over big business

December 7th, 2016

Business is changing

Large companies have significant advantages over SME’s with lower costs and trusted brands. How can a smaller local company fight back in this competitive environment?

It has been proven that people prefer to shop locally, and when searching for local businesses consumers call local telephone numbers first!

Create a Personal Connection

Most customers like to trade with local companies and feel a personal connection with them. So how can we make use of this and increase our sales.

One way is to advertise a local phone number on all your advertising, from web to social media and radio, newspapers adverts or leaflet drops to vehicle sign writing.

If your company trades over a region it’s advisable to display a local number for each town or city in that region.

Local and City phone numbers

EE Green’s story

One company local to our office that utilises this super local feel is EE GREEN, a haulage company. They have many lorries that operate around the Gt Yarmouth and Lowestoft area. Their office is in Gt Yarmouth but they now advertise both a Gt Yarmouth and Lowestoft number on their website and on their lorries.

Since doing this they estimate they’ve had a noticeable and significant increase in calls originating from the Lowestoft area.

Try it yourself

Take a look and see if you could benefit from a ‘super local approach’ when considering your telephony. An additional local number only costs a few pounds a month and could dramatically increase your inbound sales calls.

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