Crowd-sourced fundraising and call tracking: Extremis Technology

May 22nd, 2015

Extremis Technology, the engineering company involved in the development and manufacture of revolutionary new shelters designed specifically for disaster relief, has just launched its round-three investment campaign – using crowd-sourced funding via Crowdcube (

Seeking to raise £260,000 of funding to propel their innovative humanitarian shelters into production, Extremis Technology’s Hush shelters were the brain child of inventor, David Watson who created the initial blueprint after seeing the devastation in Haiti following the earthquake of 2010. The highly portable shelters are transported flat, in one piece, ready to unfold and pop up in a matter of minutes, creating a robust home without the need for specialist tools, skills or foundations.

Hush Shelter Rebuilding community Extremis Technology

With the campaign fully underway and an investor event planned for the 27th May in London, Extremis Technology have been utilising SwitchboardFREE™ virtual phone numbers to track calls specifically related to the campaign and catch every inbound call: “The service is invaluable to Extremis at the moment for a number of reasons, but primarily, with the investment campaign now on, and a number of different audiences to manage, being able to feature different numbers and to get management investment from them is amazing. With a number of key personnel all available at different times to take calls, the forwarding feature is also proving to be fantastic.” – Extremis Technology.

Find Extremis Technology’s Investor Event details online, and visit their website for further information.