5 “Missing” facts you can’t afford to miss

June 19th, 2015

1. Playing a character in a film directly related to Liam Neeson means that there is an 88.2% chance that you will go missing.

2. One of the easiest ways to avoid missing out on new customers is to keep your existing ones happy. It used to be said that when a person received poor service they would tell 10 other people. When you consider that the average Facebook user these days has 225 friends, the importance of providing excellent customer service has never been greater.

3. When missing a shot while playing tennis with their children in the garden, 99% of Fathers look very closely at the racket. The other 1% blame the ball.

4. A 2014 Censuswide survey showed that, on average, 27% of calls to tradesmen were potential new business. Many stated that they often could not take a call because they were on a job and it was unsafe or unwise to do so. Calling back later sometimes meant that they had lost out on new business to a competitor. Missing these calls led to lost work totalling, in some cases, as much as an estimated £52,000 a year! An inbound call manager is a great solution to ensure you never miss a call again.



It would appear #5 is missing. Don’t let it be potential business.