Working From Home with SwitchboardFREE

January 30th, 2014

The familiar story of how most businesses start is usually in someone’s garage.

You may not have a garage but if you’re thinking of staring a business or have started a business, then chances are you are going to be doing it from your living room, kitchen, bedroom… or whatever room of the house you want to start it from. We’re not really picky which you prefer but we do recommend that you stay clear of the bathroom.

If you find yourself in any situation where you are working from home then SwitchboardFREE can definitely help.


Problems facing people working from home and SwitchboardFREE solutions


Appearing like a tinpot company

It’s not easy to break into any market when you have the appearance of being a small, home business start up. Whilst people like to talk about helping small and local businesses, the truth is that they like to work with companies they can trust. That means that they want the companies they use to be established and look professional.

SwitchboardFREE can take care of that problem with a variety of features:

  • 2 FREE 084 Numbers – Use an 084 number to appear like a nation wide business and give your customers the illusion of dealing with big business.
  • Geographic Numbers – Use specific geographic numbers to appear to be in different places than where you live. Get London numbers or numbers from your nearest city or large town in order to give people a number they recognise.
  • Professional Call Management – Give your customers the professional experience they expect buy greeting them with recorded messages that welcome them to your company and letting them hear on hold music rather than the engaged tone when they are waiting for you to pick up the phone.


Not knowing which calls are personal and which are business related

When working from home you are not going to want the expense of putting in a second business line but at the same time you need to be able to tell whether it is a work or social call in order to answer in a correct manner.

SwitchboardFREE integrates seamlessly with your existing number and with the use of Call Whispers you can identify whether it is a work or social call as you answer the phone. We will play you a message (that can be easily changed by you) informing you that you are receiving an incoming call on your SwitchboardFREE number and giving you the option to accept the call. This allows you to tailor your greeting to be more professional or if you have anyone else in the house then if they hear this message they can put the phone back down and tell you to answer it when SwitchboardFREE puts through the call again.

For more information on Call Whispers then click here.


Being tied to the house in order to never miss a call

SwitchboardFREE was built on the idea that missed calls are missed opportunities. However, ‘Never miss a call again’ is more than a slogan with us, it is a company ethos that we take seriously. Therefore, we have a number of solutions to the problem of missing calls because you can’t be in one location all the time.

  • Multiple Redirects – You can redirect a SwitchboardFREE number to up to five different locations so if your customers can’t get through to you at one location then they will get through to you at another.
  • Unlimited Mobile Redirects – With Unlimited* Mobile Redirects you can redirect your incoming calls to a mobile phone for just £9.97 +VAT per month, allowing you to take your business on the move.
  • Call Queuing  – If you are already on the phone when your customers call then we will keep your customers on hold and listening to on hold music rather than letting them hear the engage tone and call someone else.
  • Missed Call Alerts – If you miss a call for any reason on your SwitchboardFREE number then we send you an email instantly letting you know that you’ve missed a call, the time the caller called and the number they called from. If you have a smartphone running either Android or iOS (apple software) then we will send you a push notification with the same information in real time. That means that you have the means to return missed calls as soon as you possibly can.


Sign up for SwitchboardFREE account now


SwitchboardFREE’s standard package is completely free. There are no trial memberships, no minimum contracts and no catches whatsoever. Therefore, if you are working from home then there is no reason why you shouldn’t sign up for SwitchboardFREE today.

You will benefit from all of the above features as well as a large range of additional features available to all of our members. Good call management is essential to every business and being as we are experts at it we like to tell our customers to leave it to us so that you can get on with what you do best.

If you would like to discuss how SwitchboardFREE can benefit your business then call us today on 0844 884 3010 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


*Unlimited Mobile Redirects are subject to a fair usage policy