Why you should be using call whispers on your numbers

January 14th, 2014

As with so many of SwitchboardFREE’s features, its impossible to give you every possible benefit of Call Whispers without knowing exactly what your business is. Our system is so diverse that each feature can greatly benefit companies on different ends of the scale.

Some of our smallest companies, home workers and startups, use the call whisper function so that when they receive calls at home they can tell wether to answer the phone with an informal ‘Hello’ or if a more formal greeting for their company is needed. Some of our larger companies use call whispers so that they can run a national company from a single location. They can set up geographic numbers for a local presence across the country and configure each with a custom Call Whisper so that they can identify which region a call is coming from.

As you can see the uses of Call Whispers are quite varied so read on to find out more.


What are Call Whispers?

Call Whispers or Call Screening, is a feature available for free as part of the standard SwitchboardFREE package. It is a set announcement that you will hear when you pick up the phone which identifies the incoming call. For example, if you have a dedicated support number that comes into the same phone as other areas of your business you will hear an intro that says, “You have a call on your support number, please press the star key to accept the call.” This means that you can customise your greeting when you accept the call or you can screen your calls and choose not to answer.

There are a variety of pre-recorded call whispers that are available from the configuration page or the iPhone and iPad apps or you can record your own. For instructions on how to record your own custom Call Whispers, please see our post on creating your own custom recordings.


Benefits of Call Whispers

As we said earlier, the benefits of Call Whispers are varied, but below are a few that we have found useful or that we know are popular with our customers.

  • Separate personal and business calls
    If your business calls are redirected to your home phone, a Call Whisper is useful when a friend or family member answers the phone and can identify whether it is safe to answer or if they need to call you to answer a business call.
  • Multiple services under one company
    Some businesses run multiple services from one office. Setting an individual number for each service and having them redirect to same number can become confusing unless the people who answer the calls have a whisper that let them know how to answer the phone correctly.
  • National company with many local numbers
    If your company is based in one central location but you offer a service that would benefit from a local presence in a number of regions then you can get a collection of our local/geographic numbers and you can redirect them all to your office phone. Set a call whisper on each number identifying which number is being called and you can be sure to maintain the illusion of a local presence even when your staff could be hundreds of miles away.


Start using Call Whispers today

There are a myriad of benefits of Call Whispers to your business that aren’t listed above. Its free to set up so its worth giving it a try to see if it helps and if you’re struggling with seeing how Call Whispers could benefit you then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0844 884 3010. Our support team are always happy to give you more information on how any of our features could benefit you and they can even help you set them up over the phone.

Whether you’re just starting out or even if you’re an established business with a national presence, let SwitchboardFREE help you work smarter buy utilising Call Whispers today.