SwitchboardFREE for New Businesses and Start Ups

January 23rd, 2014

So you’re about to start or have just started up a new business and trust us, we know that you have a lot on your plate.  We are sure however that we can help take some of the weight off your shoulders.

SwitchboardFREE are experts at call management, it’s what we do day in and day out. Unless that is what you specialise in then don’t waste your time in struggling to get your phone presence up and getting it wrong, let us take care of it for you. By using SwitchboardFREE you are going to enjoy all of the below benefits and more.


Share the load

As we’ve said you’ve got a lot on your plate so don’t add even more to it by worrying about your phone system. More than 40,000 businesses in the UK, of all sizes and ages, put the hassle of call management directly on our shoulders. This means that we manage their calls, which is what we do best, leaving them free to do whatever it is that they do best.


Don’t miss opportunities

New customers are the aim of the game for all new businesses. Without new customers your business isn’t going to last very long. Once again here SwitchboardFREE can help because we can ensure that you miss as few opportunities as possible by ensuring you are never going to miss a call again.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re out of the office, on the phone with another client or even if your phone lines are down. Your customers don’t care why you didn’t take their calls they only care that you weren’t there when they needed you and they are going to look elsewhere for their needs. Missed call alerts that are sent to you via email or via push notifications from our mobile apps ensure that you know instantly that someone has tried to call you and more importantly you are also going to get their contact details so as soon as you are able, you can call them back. We even offer a call statistics tool that will let you download all of your missed calls in one place and therefore call back all potential missed opportunities.

If you are quick enough you are probably going to stop them going elsewhere with their business but even if your not, you will be impressing upon them just how much customer service is important to you and who knows, you may win their business anyway.


Work smart from the start

SwitchboardFREE offers a lot of tools to help businesses work smart. Get ahead of the game by working smart right from the beginning and starting as you mean to go on.

You can get call statistics on all of the calls that go through your inbound system and as such you can benefit from a huge range of information including:

  • How many missed calls you had, when they called you and who called you
  • You can get all of your voicemails in one place
  • Identify when your busy periods are and rearrange your work force to improve efficiency
  • For more information on how call statistics could help you then click here.
  • You can also work smart by working tracking your incoming calls via Google Analytics. Find out which adverts are working best for you, what search terms are generating your business and basically find out where your customers are coming from (For more information on call tracking click here).

Basically we have a range of tools that can make your business the best it can be right from the start.


Give your business that big company feel

You may still be working from your bedroom but your customers don’t need to know that.

With an 084 number and SwitchboardFREE’s professional call management system your company will look a lot bigger than it might actually be. Use the following features to help improve your company’s phone image:

  • Auto Attendant (press 1 for sales, press 2 for support) will really give the impression of being a large organisation and allow you to answer your calls in a more professional manner
  • Custom Recordings are custom messages that your callers hear before you answer the phone or if for some reason you can’t get to the phone. They will help improve your customer relations and improve your call image (read more on custom recordings)
  • Call Whispers means that you will be able to identify incoming calls as business calls and allow you to answer your phone more professionally (read more on call whispers)
  • Call Queuing means that when you can’t answer your phone your customers will be kept on hold ensuring they never hear the engage tone ever again
  • Free On Hold Music is available to all of our customers and we have a very wide range (no cheesy musac on our system) so again you will be improving your company’s image

These are just a few of the broad range of features that are going to make your business’ phone presence the best it can be.


No budget? No problem! SwtichboardFREE is FREE

We know as a start up you are probably operating on a shoe string. Well don’t worry about that because our most popular package is still our standard package which is 100% free. There are no 30 day trials, no minimum contract and no catches whatsoever, SwitchboardFREE’s standard package is FREE.


Still not convinced? Give us a call?

Still not convinced that SwitchboardFREE is the right choice for your new business/start up then give us a call. Not only do we use SwitchboardFREE ourselves which means you will actually be testing our system when you call us, but our support team will be more than happy to let you know how SwitchboardFREE can benefit you specifically. All businesses are different to so find out how we can help you by calling us on 0844 884 3010.