Introducing the female voice of SwitchboardFREE

May 20th, 2014

Since the launch of SwitchboardFREE our goal has always been to offer our customers real value for money. That’s why we don’t bother with things like offering gimmicky free 30 day trials before charging outrageous prices when our customers are hooked. We don’t worry with long term contracts and wherever possible we try to offer all of our services completely free of charge. That is why of all the call management services available today there is still no other company that offers a range of tools as complete as ours for no cost to our users.

However, as the years have passed and the needs of our customers grow, we have had to incorporate new products that we simply can’t absorb the cost of and stay in business. Services like redirecting calls to a mobile phone, fax to email, SMS missed call alerts and memorable numbers are therefore optional upgrades that can be made for a small monthly fee. Whilst we keep the cost for these services as low as we can, sometimes we still like to do a little something to remind our customers that we place real value for money above all else and we like to give our customers a little something in return.

Therefore, as a thank you to all of our loyal premium customers who use some of our paid services, we are offering the option to use a female voice for your SwitchboardFREE greetings and menus.

Having a female voice option has been something that our customers have been asking about for some time now but it has never been feasible to offer it in the past. Professional voice recording is an expensive business and it is an ongoing cost as greetings are always in need of being updated and there are often new greetings that need to be created. However, with so many of our customers now taking advantage of our premium upgrades, we feel that it’s only fair that we reward our customers with another premium upgrade completely free of charge.

Any SwitchboardFREE customer who has an active premium upgrade on their account now has the option to choose between male or female voices for their call greetings and multiple department menus. To take advantage of this option simply go to the Configuration page for any of the numbers you wish to activate this service on and scroll down to the System Voice option.

For anyone who is not a premium user but would still like to utilise the female voice option then all you have to do is upgrade your account with one of our premium upgrades. Not only will you get the female voice on your account for as little as £4.97 +VAT per month, you will also get the use of whatever upgrade you have signed up for.

If you would like some help upgrading your account or just to find out more then call our support team on 0203 189 1213 and speak with either Chloe or Hannah who are always happy to help.