The Great British Business Show – Part 2

December 2nd, 2014

We’ve just returned from the Great British Business show. If we saw you there then we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. If we didn’t, then here’s how it went.

What was it like?

In a word — Hectic!

There’s not really a single way to describe how non-stop the Business Show was. From the moment we opened for business to the last moment, we were meeting and greeting people, shaking hands, and thanks to our scratch cards giving out a lot of hugs. Imagine if you can, 25,000 people all in one place and trying to speak to all of them over the course of just two days. Seem impossible? That’s how it felt as well.

As frantically busy as it was though, it was also a lot of fun. We met some real characters over the two days we were exhibiting and learned a great deal as well. More than this though, we think that we have achieved our primary objective which was to let as many people as possible know just how important call management is to their business. We also learned a great deal about the features people want out of a call manager so that we can make future improvements.

Did things go as we expected?

To be quite honest, we never really knew what to expect from the Business Show. We hoped that we would be busy the entire time we were there and on this at least we exceeded our expectations.

We also ran out of flyers, especially the document on choosing specific number types, which is testament to just how busy we were because we thought we had printed too many.

In short, our experience at the show exceeded all of our initial expectations.

What stood out about the show that we didn’t expect?

The thing that stood out to us and was slightly disappointing, was the number of people who attended just for the experience and had little interest in the business aspect. From people just browsing, to those popping in purely in search of freebies, there were just far too many who weren’t serious about business.

So, was it a success?

Overall, we loved our time at the Great British Business Show and from the interest we were getting on the day it certainly seems like a success. However, now that we’re back from the show, it’s time to really evaluate our experience and see if people remembered us. Give us a week to go through all of our stats and get over the initial impressions and we will get back to you with our third and final post on the Great British Business Show: the conclusion.

In the meantime, here are some of the stand-out hugs of the day: