How to get the most out of call statistics

January 9th, 2014

One of the most powerful features that we have ever created is the Call Stats tool and it’s something that we use every day to great effect. We have found that some of our customers barely even visit that page yet alone use it and so we thought it was long past time that we let you know why call statistics is so important to your business.


Missed Calls = Missed Opportunities & Lost Money

One of the most fundamental principles of SwitchboardFREE is that we ensure that you ‘Never Miss a Call Again’.

That is more than just a mission statement, it is an integral part of the SwitchboardFREE ethos. We know that missing calls means that you miss opportunities but using SwitchboardFREE will help plug the hole in your bucket and keep your business profitable.

Knowledge is power and the most basic function of call statistics is to provide you with knowledge about your call activity. You can see instantly how many calls have been made to your numbers, how many calls you managed to answer and how many calls you missed. With this information coupled with the numbers of all of those incoming calls, you will be able to call back potential clients and ensure that you never miss an opportunity. This is something we recommend doing at the start of every working week if not every day as it’s the quickest and easiest way we know of to ensure you don’t miss out.


How call statistics benefit you

The uses for call statistics are so broad that we couldn’t possibly tell you them all without knowing precisely what you do and how they could help your business individually. However, below are a list of things that we learn from our calls statistics that we think you might find useful:

  • Missed Call information
    What calls have we missed? We need to know this so we can call them back. When did we miss those calls? We don’t want to keep our customers waiting. How many calls have we missed? If its a lot then maybe we need more people to answer the phones.
  • Unique Missed Calls
    Narrow your missed calls down to unique callers to save calling the same people back more than once. It seems a small thing but it saves a lot of time and effort and makes your business more efficient.
  • Discover your Busy Periods
    When are you busiest? If you receive all of your calls between 9am-12pm on a weekday but very few at other times of the day then you know that you need your staff at their desks between those hours. If you receive your calls between 3pm-5pm and then miss a lot of calls after 5pm then you know you have the wrong opening hours and can rearrange your work force accordingly.  In essence it helps to plan your day and provides you with the knowledge you need to effectively and economically staff your business.
  • List your voicemails
    Get all of your voicemails in one place to make it easier to answer all of your messages in a short space of time.
  • Download Call Stats
    All call statistics are downloadable so you can print them off. This is useful if you have a lot of calls you need to return and you want to spread them out amongst your staff. Print off the calls, split them up and give a sheet each to your staff. Maybe you even just want to keep records.


There’s no excuse!

Call statistics are yet another free feature of SwitchboardFREE and their easy and quick to produce. It takes no more than a minute to get a specific report and with that little effort involved there really isn’t any reason not to use call statistics.

If you’re not doing any of the above at the moment then ask yourself a simple question, “How many opportunities am I losing to my competitors because I don’t use call statistics?”

Log in and start using your call statistics today to increase the profitability of your company right now.