The dynamic duo of SwitchboardFREE

March 6th, 2014

Every business is made up of individuals and sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of that. With that in mind we thought we would help put faces on the SwitchboardFREE support team and introduce you to our very own dynamic duo.

If you ever call into SwitchboardFREE (or you’re contacted by us), then the likelihood is that you are going to be speaking to either Chloe or Hannah. Together they answer any questions our customers might ask and can do anything from setting you up with SwitchboardFREE for the first time to giving you advice on how you can improve your business with SwitchboardFREE.

We thought it was time that you met them and could put a face to the name so with that in mind, here is a little bit about each member of the dynamic duo.



Chloe has been helping SwitchboardFREE customers for more than a year. From a cabin-crew background, Chloe knows a great deal about customer service and when she took over the role of SwitchboardFREE support she quickly made it her own.

The previous SwitchboardFREE support staff were very much a reactive service, solving problems but taking them no further. Chloe changed all that when she started finding problems before even our customers did and working closely with our technical team in order to get them fixed. Chloe’s proactive activities even included contacting customers to ensure that they were getting the most that they possibly could out of SwitchboardFREE and bringing her own brand of customer service to SwitchboardFREE customers which has had a great deal of success. Over the past year Chloe has helped create a whole new direction for SwitchboardFREE’s customer relations and she’s constantly a driving force in future improvements to our service.



Chloe’s success in creating a new customer focused direction for SwitchboardFREE created more work than she could ever hope to deal with on her own, so four months ago Hannah joined the Switchboard support team and the dynamic duo was born.

Hannah’s bubbly persona and friendly demeanour over the phone makes her the perfect partner for Chloe and she hit the floor running. She too has adopted Chloe’s proactive attitude towards our customer service and with her now on the team, SwitchboardFREE’s customer service is twice as efficient and twice as effective. Hannah is already a big part of SwitchboardFREE, helping us decide which direction the service takes going forward and making the product the best it can possibly be for our customers.


Speak to the dynamic duo today

Chloe and Hannah are always happy to help our customers with any problems they are currently experiencing.

Need help setting up a new account, configuring your numbers or trying to understand your call stats? Whatever your problem, Chloe and Hannah can help. They know all there is to know about SwitchboardFREE and if there are any elements of the service that you are struggling with then give them a call today on 0844 884 3010 and they will no doubt be eager to offer their assitance.