We put your feedback into action

July 11th, 2013

At SwitchboardFREE we always welcome hearing from our customers about what they like and dislike about our system. We know that the only way we can improve our website is by listening to what our customers want and doing our best to make their wishes a reality.

With this in mind we recently sent out a customer survey asking for reviews of what people like and dislike about our service. Now the results are in we have compiled a list of changes and improvements to make to the SwitchboardFREE service.

Below are our most recent improvements and planned improvements based on this feedback.


Website optimisation

One of the common issues customers pointed out to us was that at times our website can be fairly slow to load and complicated to use. As a result of this our web team are working hard to make the site easier to use and quicker to load.

Some of the changes they are working on include:

  • Reducing the file sizes of all images over the site so that they load quicker where they are needed
  • Reducing and refining all code on the website to improve page load time
  • Optimising the website for mobile devices so that it’s easier to use from phones and tablets
  • Streamlining and focusing the content on the site so that our customers only see what is most important and don’t get bogged down with the things that aren’t

All of these changes are currently being made and we will roll them out gradually over the coming months.


Overly complicated call stats and campaigns

Some of the feedback that was returned to us said that the campaigns and call stats features on SwitchboardFREE were overly complicated and hard to use. After looking into this we couldn’t help but agree. 

We have therefore taken action to simplify this as much as possible.

The new call stats page has been streamlined to a simple four step process that should be quick, straight forward and most of all self explanatory. Now with only a few clicks of the mouse you can get a report from any of your numbers with no hassle.

The same simplification process has been applied to the reports section of the campaign feature so now this incredibly powerful tool can be used by all of our users, no matter their technical ability.

We will continue to make improvements to these features over the coming months and years but for now we hope that we have made a step in the right direction to address our most recent feedback.


The new Android app is here

Ever since the launch of the SwitchboardFREE iPhone app a few years ago we have been having increased call for an android app. At first the android market was simply too small to justify the cost of development but as the Android market has grown we have put more effort to address this issue.

We are now proud to say that we can offer the Android app to our SwitchboardFREE customers and so far the feedback has been positive.

As with all elements of SwitchboardFREE this app will be under a regime of constant improvement and changes going forward.


We are always looking to improve SwitchboardFREE but if we don’t know there is a problem then we can’t address it. So if there is something you really want to see on SwitchboardFREE then drop us an email at support@switchboard-support.co.uk with your ideas and thoughts.