The low down on Geographical Numbers

July 18th, 2013

I honestly can’t remember the last time I used my home phone apart from when my parents call me. They still think that mobiles can only call mobiles. That aside, I only see that small beige BT box that sits in my lounge as a gateway to the internet.  The popularity and sheer fanaticism for mobiles phones hardly needs to be reiterated here but with the proliferation of Data devices, MiFi dongles and the 2, 3 and 4G’s whizzing around the place, even the humble ADSL connection seems a little dated.

So, do we still need a landline? In short the answer is yes. The landline is a legacy that we are either unable or unwilling to shake off, after all it suffers no loss of signal, crackly calls or drained battery and you can’t accidently drop it down the pub toilet either. The landline is fundamentally a very reliable and robust form of communication and an indispensable tool for parents who have yet to grasp the concept of the modern day mobile network.

The saving grace for the humble landline appears to be in part, local Businesses. If you’re running a small local business and you want a contact number that appeals locally, then a standard geographical landline number works a treat. If you’re running an online shop or web service then an 084 number is nicely generic and can mask your location which in turn gives you a national appeal, but an 084 number on the shop front of a bakery would look understandably out of place.

When I mentioned that a standard geographical landline number works a treat, I meant they just work as a simple pick up and answer technology, but as a business number you might want a few more bells and whistles than just an engaged tone or caller display, and when you weigh up the price of a true business Geographical number against the one you have at home, remember, you’re paying around £15 a month BT Tax line rental even if you don’t receive a single call.

So if you have a local business or you want to appear as though you have a local business or even if you want to pretend you’re business is situated in the hub of financial district in London. Then take a look our range of Geographical numbers. They have many bells and whistles and are around a third cheaper than standard line rental.