How much is a call worth to you?

April 3rd, 2013

Tips Running any business is dependent on customers, and customer satisfaction is paramount especially during this tough economic climate.

With today’s information overload it’s understandable that some tasks are forever banished to your ever increasing to-do list, however, talking to your customers should never be.

To ensure you never miss a call when you’re on the move, out of the office or if your phone line is busy, you should add your mobile phone as one of your redirects numbers.  One of our numbers can be redirected to up to 5 destinations including mobiles in standard set up and 45 destinations in Auto Attendant mode.

Adding your mobile phone number as a secondary redirect is easy and it’s the most effective way to manage the calls that would have previously been kept on hold or missed.

At just £9.97 a month for unlimited mobile redirects it’s well worth the investment considering the increase in the amount of customers you’ll speak to.

  • Mobile redirect credits does not affect your phone bill
  • £9.97 covers all your 084 numbers and as many mobiles numbers as you require.
  • You get a free Fax to Email number with every unlimited mobile redirects agreement.
  • You can cancel at any time with minimum term of only one month
  • Get your first month completely free with Promotional code ULM999

We believe this is the best value service of its kind in the UK.

To enable this feature:

Login, Click on “Mobile Redirects” in your blue horizontal menu bar and fill out your requirements under the box “Unlimited Mobile Redirects”