March 14th, 2012

Free for All

Everybody’s business has a business number; the one you give out on your business cards, that you put on your website, and that you advertise with. But what if you were able to have a telephone number as your main business number and then have another one that you were able to boost business with, and track how effective your marketing and advertising is, and be able to it for free?

Analyse This

There is no point in spending a load of money on advertising, without being able to analyse what advertising works best for your business. You could advertise a number in a local paper for example, and find that 2% of new business comes from this, whilst 38% comes from advertising on the radio, but 60% via a website. So, how would you know? True you could ask the customer, fill out forms, count using five bar gates and then colour in your own pie chart. However, you can achieve this automatically by attaching a different number to advertising campaigns.

Multiple Choice

There are endless marketing possibilities for your second free number: web based options such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as Free Index, and Thompson Local. Free Call Tracking is the ideal solution for web-based traffic analysis. You can also advertise on special interest websites as well as magazines, periodicals, local newspapers and local radio. Your choices are as limitless as your imagination and ambition.

Means, Motive and Opportunity

The information gathered by different advertising media can then be displayed with Google Analytics, giving you instant daily statistics on how your business is progressing. With this knowledge, you can then adjust your marketing campaigns according to how successful they are; making informed decisions on where to best place your advertising and how to beneficially divide your marketing budget.

Bronze Age

If your business is expanding you could use both free numbers for two different advertising campaigns, or for different products. For example, one to analyse how many red flags you sell, the other how many green flags you’ve sold. In this way, you may feel the need to add more business numbers as your business grows. The advantage of adding further numbers means you even more scope to analyse your marketing campaigns or the popularity of your products. A bronze account with gives you an extra four numbers (meaning you have six numbers in total).

Gold Standard

If your radio advertising works extremely well or you find that you would prefer a memorable number to use on websites, you can purchase a golden number. This can be used in exactly the same way as all your other 0844/0843 numbers, and could help to elevate your business image.

Free Enterprise

Whatever stage your business is at, your goals can be realised with a few free and easy applications. You don’t have to drive yourself into a frenzy with a multitude of graph paper and millions of numbers that end up crunching you to find out where your business is at. You can link your telephone numbers and therefore your caller details, to Google Analytics and the work is done for you for free. After all, you don’t buy a dog in order to bark yourself.